Monday, January 28, 2013

Boys Vs GIrls.

Permit me to go all mummy on you guys, but has anyone ever noticed how boring it is to shop for boys in comparison to girls? Honestly! When I'm shopping for my girls, it's as if I'm shopping for younger versions of myself. The styles are endless! Leggings,jeggings,crop pants, tops with bling blings, dresses,denim skirts etc. I love buying similar clothing for them,they always look so cute, D2 doing big sister and D3 looking like her mini -me.

 I've even gone to d extent of buying similar stuff for myself to match a few of their attires sef *solidarity/agabaya tinz* I won't even start with the shoes: wedges,ballet flats,blinged out shoes and sandals and sketchers *sigh*.Everything you can get for an adult female you can get the smaller version for girls. It takes me the whole of our vacation time to finish their shopping because of all the varieties available.

When it comes to D1's shopping,the story is reversed. I can finish his shopping in two hours!Honestly!! It's sooooo monotonous. e.g 

Shirts- long or short sleeves

T-shirts- long or short sleeves

 Polo tops- long or short sleeves.

 Shikena!!I can do his shopping half awake without any stress .Trousers sef na long one or shorts. Even the traditional attire for my State is either long or short sleeve buba and sokoto. Short of boys wearing girls stuff I don't see anyway out of this fashion dilemma. 

Shoes nko? sneakers,trekkers,loafers and boots. Hmmmm.... is it any wonder some trendy guys throw caution to the wind and wear daring stuff like jeggings, cowl neck tops,shoes with heels etc.Sometimes I can't even confirm if i'm seeing a guy or a babe from the back until I actually see the face. Okay, I'm done.

From reading this post, you will discover unfortunately that

 1. It doesn't make Jonathan anymore focused about running the country or Dame less prone to gbagauns at local and International levels.

 2.It doesn't make D1 to stop asking me nastily everytime if I'm pregnant or I've just finished eating a meal (how rude!)

3.It won't stop motor park touts and danfo drivers  from using hemp as toothbrush/chewing stick and gin as mouth wash in the morrin before ferrying innocent, clueless passengers to their various destinations 

4.It doesn't stop daft drug mules from heading to Malaysia, even though na death penalty await them if caught and  found guilty. 

5.It won'tdeter thieves and pickpockets from stealing in Oshodi market  (of all places!) 

And finally.....

6.It wont stop "the Police is your friend" from collecting their  #20 egunje.


  1. Wow! finally got the first email version!

    I knew it! all that shopping had to be for a reason and it isnt your little cuties! Now may need to wind that down a lill though because they may not want that when they grow older!

    Nice read!

    1. Thanks Debz. I will keep dressing them alike as long as I can get away with it,fortunately D2 doesn't really mind :)

  2. Girls are so cute when little but wahala starts later during the teenage years.

    1. Yes they are :). I am dreading the turbulent teenage years.


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