Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dear Readers: My Neighbor and the Gardener

My immediate neighbors are our landlord on one side and a couple whom I will refer to as Mr and Mrs Kilode on the other side. From what I've observed in the past few months, Mr Kilode has moved out and only comes around once in a while. When he does, Mrs Kilode doesn't grant him audience. He can be outside in his car for hours honking for someone to open the gates for him but Mrs Kilode no send am at all.

 Mrs Kilode has also refused to spend a single kobo on the maintenance of the house  and its surroundings. Consequently, the flower beds outside that we share is very overgrown at their end and the bins are over filled and spilling out with rubbish accumulated over the months,which leads me to my problem.

Mr Kilode on one of his rare visits gave the contract of hacking trimming their flower beds to one of the Estate gardeners but he hasn't paid the gardener for the past 3 weeks. As I mentioned earlier, he hardly ever comes around.As a result the gardener has been loitering a lot on our street. Of course Mrs Kilode sees the gardener every time she steps out or goes into their compound, she even sends him on errands but she's not moved to pay him. I doubt if the fee is up to 4,000 naira.

 The gardener, who by now has bonded with madam, took the relationship to the next level and decided to turn the flower beds to "Home away from home" i.e he sleeps in the flower beds morning,afternoon and night. He has even put up cardboard boxes and *in his mind* tastefully covered them with torn nylon for added comfort. It is an eyesore.  I know the guy though we don't use his services. I advised him to leave a note and his number for Mr Kilode to give him a call OR come around during the day instead of creeping around the flower beds at night and scaring passersby. He thanked me for the suggestion and disappeared for 2 days or so. 

My relief was short lived when he turned up again on the 3rd day. Mschewww!! I was tempted to report him to the Estate Security but the Aluu4 incident is still very fresh in my mind. I don't want to cause any unnecessary trouble for anyone. I decided to mind my business and face my lane.

 Over time, the flower beds became littered with pure water nylons and other debris courtesy of the gardener. Yesterday, I saw a few clothes strategically spread on the flowers to dry and a bucket. Shuo!!  It's like the guy is gradually moving stuff from his rented place to the flower beds. 

Do I keep calm until.... 

1. I see kerosene stove and pots placed conspicuously in his new home 

 2. I see his bathing sponge,shimi, bozzers and towel  spread on the flowers to dry 

3. He knocks on my gate to fetch water to have his bath or use our Guest toilet 

4. He knocks on my gate to borrow matches, palm oil or a cup of garri 

5.He comes over to have a neighborly chitchat and a cuppa 

6. He extends  his residential quarters to our flower bed in the hope of carving out a sitting and dining area

before I start panicking and report him? 

I know the guy is there because he wants to claim the wages he worked for and all but that is no justification for moving into the flower beds. What do I do? Report or Ignore? 

Yours Sincerely,

 Very worried blogger.


  1. Omg!!! Dis is hilirious my tummy hurts! Maybe if u one day sight Mr kilode u can deliver a note for the guy or sontin

    1. Laugh sofry sofry o!My aproko no reach that level to do DHL.Mr Kilode too no send anybody.Make I just dey observe and see wetin go shele.

  2. That is serious.. How can people be so mean? I have a feeling that Mrs Kilode has been given that money and probably has spent it or something. There are other people who sees him setting up camp abi? What are their takes on the matter?

    1. Not sure if Mrs Kilode has the cash,can't confirm. People can see it but they aren't saying anything ,they are probably just glad its not happening in their flower bed.

  3. hahaha, i kinda pity the gardener because his payment is long overdue.
    just saw ur buzz on my idle blog, i am working on something that's why i haven't blogged in a while. miss ur comments and have an awesome day!

    1. All the best on your project Ada. Goldie's death still has me all shaken up.

    2. i know,it's really sad. this life is overrated., we all have to be cautious of the way we live and handle things and everyone around us. love is all we should share on earth and impact lives positively because it is a privilege to be breathing. May her soul rest in peace.

    3. So true.Amen to that. Thanks Ada *cyber hug*


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