Thursday, February 21, 2013

Delivered from Ekaette's clutches...Part 1

Hi everyone, It's been a spell (I apologise).Wish I had more hours to the 24 available. The death of Goldie shocked me when it happened.She was hale and hearty a few days before and gone just like that! We all need to take some time out to have regular check ups and whatnots.

Rest in Peace Susan Harvey a.k.a Goldie.God knows best.

Not been able to write any new stuff so I'm going to pick from my wordpress archive and post one of my favorites.....

You will notice if you have been  through my posts that most of my gists tend to be about pregnancy and the kids,not my fault o!  Na so I see am,they have bought me body and soul! Needless to say you are gonna see many more posts about them! My first pregnancy was very turbulent. I remember all the daily vomiting, excessive spitting, constant heartburn etc. 

Most memorable was my cravings for Chinese food  and different Traditional soups  like Oha, Afang, Efo riro, Edika -ikong, Ogbono e.t.c. accompanied with Yellow Eba (preferred choice!). 
It was never enough! In fact Oga tried! ( 9 marks out of 10 for patience and ability to deliver). What he went through in my hands ehn? Smh!! I can remember one particular day when we were on our way to Church for Mid-Week Service, We drove past one  "Lace Curtain Buka" along the road. My food radar went on alert!! ( Dear readers I had thrown decorum to the wind by then o).

The woman was cooking Vegetable soup jejely by the roadside, I wasn't looking at the environment, it was the Vegetable soup she was cooking that was tantalizing my eyes and nostrils, making my mouth water! Any form of acting "butti" had disappeared since.  I tapped Oga's arm as we drove past and pointed in her direction. " You want to eat her food?" he asked me. I nodded my head vigorously. " Road side food???" He asked me again in disbelief. I nodded vigorously again." Please don't even think about it! See the surrounding now! I think we should see the Doctor about this your new love for roadside  Buka food".(that wasnt the first time I had openly admired food from Roadside bukas in his presence during my pregnancy). Did I blame him? No, after all he wasn't the one pregnant with his hormones messing him up.

 I went off my cooking almost as soon as I got pregnant, so I started hunting for where to get my daily Vegetable soup and Swallow fix. As long as It wasn't my cooking I was game (My mum wasn't around and I didn't want to impose too much on my mum-in-law ). I eventually stumbled upon a "Food Joint", a slight walking distance from our abode and within the Estate we were staying.

It was a Residential building but they sold drinks and beer and the Sales girl there also used to  cook Rice, Yellow Eba,Semovita,Vegetable soup  on the side.That was how I met Ekaette. 

Dear readers, I  will bring you the concluding part in my next post.

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